On the last leg to Hilo

We got into Oakland yesterday and I have to say being next to the ocean is wonderful. My big dog sat down with his chest held back and let thee ocean breeze blow through him. There is just something that I like about the moisture in the air and the feeling of being next to water. California is also very lovely.  I love it here. ………..but not as much as Hawaii! We spent the day today finding things that we neglected to take care of before we left. It was fun going on a trip and not knowing where you are but ending up in just the right place. We found the Petco easily and then magically a store appeared to help us buy another suitcase for 20.00$!!!! Then we left and found a car wash. Plus, next to the Petco there was a Hawaiian restaurant! Sam took the car to the Matsons’ dock and we are now without wheels. Tomorrow we leave for the airport at 7am and then the hardest art will come. Polar Bear will come with us in the cabin of the plane but Big boy is in the hole. He will be in the crate for about 8 hours.  My next comment will come from paradise!