On the Road to Hilo

Help me remember I want to be a minimalist……I am amazed at how much stuff I still had after the BIG move. Sam and I got up this morning and we had so much stuff in the car it was packed to the roof! Rhain had to sit in a little space because we had to fill the back seat with very important stuff. I had 3 bags under my feet and poor Polar Bear on my lap.  Sam drove to the Vet without using the rear view mirror!  Now, I know we don’t want to get stuck looking at the past but this was taking that thought a little too far!   Eventually, we got to the Vet , filled out all the paperwork so the babies will not have to go through quarantine in Hawaii. We all know my neurotic Pomeranian would never make it. Hopefully, we got all the I’s doted and the T’s crossed.  As we said aloha, we knew that this would probably be the last time we would see each other and cried because we really liked each other. I am so grateful to be able to connect with people at such a deep level. It feels like everyone is family …………….but it is the family you choose so it is even more special. I feel that way about many of my clients. It seems like a connection that is not about the material or genetic world, but a connection at a deeper level of consciousness. It feels more destined and familiar. It was hard to say good bye to this world and all the wonderful people in it. …………..BUT, I am also starting to feel excited about the new adventure we are on and what will be coming our way. This first day of traveling was easy. The day was clear, warm and sunny. It seemed the perfect day for the drive to Souix Falls, South Dakota.