On the Road to Hilo

Today we saw Mt Rushmore……….It was spectacular!! I have seen it 3 times but it was the first time for Sam. I was in awe of how many renovations were done since the last time I was there in 1985.  It still makes me dizzy to think of the workers how carved the heads of some of the greatest politicians. I wondered if George Washington had a clue as to how he would be viewed and what became of his experiment in government. It must have been something to have been a part of something that certainly came from Mind. Something was coming through those people to have had the foresight to create a government that could withstand insecure thinking for this many years. It gives me faith that we can get through this time of extreme insecurity and maintain the integrity of that document. Sorry, just a little political statement. It is hard to not get involved as these states have alot more advertizing by both parties.

We are in Rawlins, Wyoming for the night. Tomorrow we have to get up and make up some time and we may get our first rain. It will be a much needed blessing for locals but it may sow us down even more………………….