On The Road to Hilo

Our fourth day on the road was very long…………As we left the Range, where the deer and the antelope roam,  and traveled through Utah, I was so grateful we had purchased audio books! The canyons were magnificent but the orange cones indicating road construction seemed to be everywhere!! The roads are very straight and it seems as if there is no life at all. They should at least tell you it will be 100 miles  to the next rest stop  or any other sign of life!! The dogs would get up and express their discomfort and then fall back to sleep. We finally arrived in Elko, NV  and when we pulled into our hotel Polar tried to jump out of the car window!!

They have both been such great travelers. They have put up with being cramped in the car with us and they have managed to stay in a good place. Although Polar did snarl and growl at big boy over the water dish and who would get first dibs. He always reacts as if she just slapped him! She decided he had the better seat in the car and literally pushed him out of the way. He was very troubled by this as he then could not lie down. I tried to get Polar to get back in the front but she was having one of it! We are all tired tonight….