On the Road to Hilo

We took things easy today, got up late and drove for 5 hours. We ended up in Reno and our hotel was right across from a long walking path for people and dogs! It was great for all of us to get exercise. Rhain and Polar Bear saw their first cows. Rhain was interested in them but Polar pretended she didn’t see them! They came home and collapsed. We have been staying at Homewood Suites whenever possible. They are great quality for 1/3 the price and they provide free breakfast and dinner on the week nights. It is a great deal and you know I love a good deal! Tomorrow we go through the mountains in the Lake Tahoe area. It is one of my favorite places in the world. We will end up in Oakland and then prepare to ship the babies to Kona. More details……………I will be very happy to see how things fall into place. It is very complicated and everything has to be timed just right. We will have to get very quiet and really listen to get through the tangled maze of regulations.