On the Road to HIlo

Sept 9th

Our trip to Hawaii has begun. We sold our home last week and my car left on Fri. We are leaving a wonderful life in Minn to return home to Hawai’i.  We are leaving a beautiful life in Minnesota with really great friends and family to go to a new reality on the Big Island in Hawaii and start over again. They are both home in many ways but we now feel drawn to go back to the land of rainbows, fragrant flowers, volcanos,  dark nights with stars so close you can almost touch them, and the awesome ocean.

We have been so taken care of in our move. Our home sold suddenly (in 2 days!) We had a team of angles that showed up everyday to help us move  My sisters were so great and put up with me without saying a word about how cranky I would get from time to time.  Our good friend and neighbor Karen, worked so hard helping with every detail and providing such great support. Our friends, Jack and Judy, hosted  an Aloha party for us so we could say goodbye to everyone who had touched our hearts and shared our life. We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends.

We are now staying in a motel and finishing up the last our lose ends. Sam will be in Toronto until the 13th and I will be seeing my clients in person for the final week.