Group Community

Community and Psychoeducational Programs
Community groups and organization come to us wanting communication skills that are appropriate and wise, rather than predetermined and formatted.  They want ways to help and support their membership toward cooperation, mutual respect, empathy, and positive growth.  Through group events, we can assist community members in experientially learning for themselves what they want for others.  Often people want to learn something so they can apply it to someone else.  We know that one can only share with others what one knows deeply for themselves.

Hawaii Counseling and Education Center (HCEC) offers a variety of educational services to the community through many different avenues.  Learning is a natural process of growing and evolving as human beings.  All community programs provided by HCEC point people towards the endless possibilities for building the life and the world that we all want for ourselves and for the people we have relationships with.  We design programs to meet the specific needs of groups and organizations with the goal of helping people embrace their own potential to create and live their own dreams.

Listed below are examples of educational and training programs that HCEC offers to the community.

Three Principles Seminars
Three Principles Seminars are held numerous times throughout the year.  These workshops focus on deepening the understanding of living from innate health and common sense.  We are also able to provide trainings at your place of business or in your community.

Community Workshops
Community workshops are individually designed with your input.  This allows HCEC to respond to your needs and identify and address the issues that are most pressing.  The workshops can be as brief as three hours or extend over a weekend.

Seminars for Educators
Seminars for Educators draw upon our thirty plus years of experience in working with students and educators.  We are able to assist with personnel issues, communication stumbling blocks, increasing personal and communal mental well-being, as well as providing informational seminars on mental health issues of students and staff.  If there is a topic that impacts educators, we are able to address that topic.

Masters-Level Practicum and Pre-Licensing Programs
HCEC welcomes graduate students in all mental-health disciplines that are interested in working from a Principle-Based approach.   The Center creates a learning experience designed to provide students with clinical experience as a member of a treatment team.  Supervision and training is offered on-site and students are invited to all seminars and in-services offered by the Center.