Sometimes people experience relationship conflict, hopelessness, frustration and/or anxiety in their families, at work, school or communities.  To some, it may seem that they are powerless to effect change; however this is not true.  Every human being has the innate ability for mental well-being in any situation and at any time.  When the mechanism for this resilience is profoundly understood, a person’s experience of life fundamentally shifts in a positive direction.

The Three Principles:  Mind, Thought, and Consciousness are this mechanism.  Through gaining a deeper understanding of these inherent gifts and becoming more in touch with their innate health, people are able to see life more clearly, less personally, and are able to access their inner wisdom.

Hawaii Counseling and Education Center was established in 1984 in response to the ever-increasing interest in understanding these Three Principles.  It is in our continued service with organizations, communities, families, and individuals that we further this understanding for peace of mind and peace for mankind.

The staff at HCEC is dedicated to helping people understand:

  • How it is possible to be calm and secure in any given moment. in any circumstance, and with any type of person/people.
  • That they have the tools necessary to be creative in a positive and life enhancing way.
  • That mental well-being is always available for them.
  • How change happens and that this shift can be sustained throughout a lifetime

HCEC is both a counseling and an educational center.  We work with corporations, non-profit organizations, city and state departments, communities, families, couples and individuals of all ages.  It is our overriding mission to assist people towards health, positive growth, creativity, and relational well-being.