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If you have any questions call Deb Waterman at (808) 254-6484.

A note from Christine…

Aloha and Welcome to Hawaii!

Traveling to Hilo is easy. We have an International Airport (ITO) however, only a few airlines fly into it. United Airlines has a flight that comes in from Los Angeles most days of the week. I believe Sunday and Wednesday there are no flights. However, you can fly into Honolulu from anywhere and then transfer to Hawaiian Airlines, which has many flights each day to Hilo. Hawaiian Airlines flies into Hawaii from many places on the planet and if you have never flown with them, you will be in for a huge surprise. They really create a beautiful feeling and your Island experience starts as soon as you board.

If you want to stay longer or come earlier you might want to check out flights to and/or from Kona. There are several airlines that fly into Kona: Alaska, United, American, Delta, and US Airways. It is about a 3-5 hour drive to Hilo from Kona, depending on which way you go, but there are many things to see and the topography is totally different. You can also visit one of the other Islands before or after the retreat. Just don’t try to pack too much into the time you spend here in Paradise!

We would recommend that you come in a few days early to adjust to Polynesian Paralysis. You will get the most out of the retreat if you are starting to slow down and feel rested.

The Retreat will be at La`i Nani Resort, 31-212 Hawaii Belt Road, Hakalau, Hi, which is about 16 miles north of Hilo on Highway 19 or Hawaii Belt Road. (There is only one road that goes around the whole Island so you can’t really get on the wrong road!) The resort is on the makai or ocean side of the road. There is no sign on the roadside so you have to watch the mile markers and then the house numbers. If you get lost, just call Christine or Gary at the La`i Nani, and they will guide you to the resort.

You will probably want to rent a car. You don’t have to, as you could stay at the resort and be fine. There is also a bus that you can take around the Island and into the town of Hilo. But, if you want to explore, you will want to order a car from one of the online services like Priceline (Make sure you put in a bid at least 50% less than they are asking). There are a limited number of cars for rent on the island so you might want to rent one as soon as you decide to come.

We have rented the La`i Nani for the weekend retreat so all the registrations for our retreat will be done through Deb Waterman at the HCEC office. But, if you want to make any side tours, like a Lava Boat Tour, a night snorkel with the Manta Rays, horseback riding, the volcano, observatory, or a spectacular Zipline ride that is rated the best in Hawaii, you can contact the La`i Nani owner Gary Hajek and he will be able to get you discounted tickets. He can also tell you all of the trips that are available. Just tell him you are coming for the HCEC Retreat so he knows why he doesn’t have you registered and he’ll take it from there. Oh, and by the way, he says it is best to sign up early for the tours so you can get the times you want. We will probably be meeting in the mornings and evenings so the afternoons are free for you to explore, take a tour, or just read a book. We will work around your trips if you sign up for one of these.

Please feel free to call Christine 612-702-6539 or e-mail her at and she will give you advice if you have questions. Remember this trip is for you to relax and slow down…………..Aloha!

Christine Heath – (612) 702-6539
Gary Hajek, La`i Nani Resort – (808) 963-5483