Hawaii Counseling and Education Center, Inc. (HCEC) offers a full range of outpatient clinical services to individuals, couples, and families.  Clients come to us looking for relief from their stress and anxiety, for help in understanding and communicating with others, for assistance in recovering and restoring their mental health and well-being, and for peace of mind in a seemingly chaotic world.

Mental health, emotional and social-well-being are a right, not a dream.  All programs at HCEC are based on the recognition and certainty that every client is born with the innate potential to discover and live from a naturally healthy state of mind within themselves.  The Principles of Mind, Thought, and Consciousness are the foundation of all clinical and educational services provided at HCEC.  Common sense and the feeling of love, understanding, and humor are the guides in helping clients regain their own sense of well-being and wisdom to live a healthy, happy, productive life.  Mental health is a thought away for every human being.

Through Principle-based therapy, we assist people in activating their inner sense of security, in learning the difference between their wisdom and self-imposed propaganda, and to use their infinite creative ability to navigate life appropriately and with ease.

Treatment is individualized, and the length of services is based on progress towards the client’s central goals.  After treatment is completed, HCEC encourages and provides continued health education workshops and seminars to help individuals stay in touch with their innate well-being.