Three Principles

Over thirty years ago, Sydney Banks had an experience that profoundly changed his life.  Through a beautiful insight, he saw the grace and simplicity of how all human beings experience life.  What emerged was a deep knowledge that all psychological reality is created through Three Principles: Mind, Thought, and Consciousness.  Since that time, many thousands of people from all over the world and all walks of life have been touched and inspired by the transformative power that comes naturally from an on-going, ever deepening appreciation, recognition, and understanding of these Three Principles.

  • Mind” is the energy of life, of all things seen and unseen.
  • Thought” is the ability to create, transforming energy into a form; whether a heartbeat, an idea, or an event, “Thought” is all mental activity.
  • Consciousness” is the ability to be aware of our process of creation and what we have created.

A deeper understanding of the Three Principles can be obtained by reading books written by Sydney Banks.

Books by Sydney Banks:


Other Suggested Reading:
The Principles Underlying Life Experience: The Beauty of Simplicity By Judy A. Sedgeman PhD.

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